Monday, April 23, 2018

iTamilKids2 By LilGenius

                    iTamilKids2 Tamil Learning App 

iTamilKids2 is a Level 2 app intended to take you through your next step in mastering Tamil, a Dravidian language. It is a sequel to iTamilKids app in the iTunes appstore. It introduces more Tamil words in engaging and fun ways .

iTamilKids2 includes several categories:

UyirMei Ezhuthukkal ( This shows an exhaustive list of all 216 uyirmei letters in Tamil along with several word examples for each Varisai .)

Athichudi by Avvaiyar (with picture examples describing each verse)

Ethirsol ( Antonyms)

Letter Tracing for Mei Eluthukkal 

Several Word Games
       - Find the right word for the picture from given options
       - Form the correct word for the picture from word jumble
       - Pick the correct spelling for the word

Introduction to few Grammar concepts like
       - Orumai  - Panmai
       - Kuril – Nedil



Good quality images
Voice over describing the picture of touch/tap
Interactive design – Drag and Drop the tiles to form words or to choose correct word
Fun games- Click the correct option to pick right word / right letter for the word.
Tracing of  letters with guided arrows and steps to teach Kids write in Tamil. It is more like a chalkboard with features to choose pen color , erase  a portion of the drawing or refresh the whole screen and starting fresh.

ITamilKids focuses on teaching Tamil to kids step by step. Nonetheless it can be used as a starting tool by anyone interested in learning Tamil.

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